Outdoor paving in sustainable porcelain stoneware for city squares

Technical specifications:

Project: Paving of a square

Place: Ausonia, in the province of Frosinone (Lazio)

Material used: Grestone® Urban Pavings

Collection: Pietra Lavica Sand and Basalto Naturale

Thickness:  3 cm (30 mm) e 5 cm (50 mm)

Size: 60×60 (30 mm) + 40×60 cm (50 mm)

Eco-stones for outdoor paving offering unique reliability and durability.

Squares, open and versatile urban spaces with a high density of use, are frequently subject to pedestrian passage and prolonged stress generated by the passage of vehicles.

Today, the design of innovative urban floorings is possible thanks to Grestone® Urban Pavings; sustainable stones in porcelain stoneware ideal for urban design projects of all kinds.

The stone-effect outdoor flooring in porcelain stoneware, with exclusive thicknesses of 50 and 30 mm, are able to cope with stresses previously unimaginable for any ceramic surface, giving a very pleasant aesthetic impact to the context they belong to.

As it happened in the city of Ausonia, where the outdoor paving offers great design freedom and ensures excellent solidity.

The shade of Grestone® Urban Pavings Pietra Lavica Sand Collection enhances the surrounding area, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of green building.

The square becomes the centrepiece of a resilient city, a place that is able to adapt to climate changes, in tune with both the original environment and the nature.

A new generation of high-thickness porcelain stoneware for city squares.

The advantages of Grestone® Urban Pavings:

  • Highly resistant to city traffic
  • Durable and reliable, resistant to temperature changes and frost
  • Frost-proof, resistant to cleaning chemicals
  • Strong , withstand time and wear

Grestone® Urban Pavings surfaces are the ideal choice for every square and urban paving project.
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