Outdoor pavings in sustainable porcelain stoneware for public areas and premises

Technical specifications:

Project: Paving of commercial premises, restaurant

Place: Cassino, in the province of Frosinone (Lazio)

Material used: Grestone® Urban Pavings

Collection: Porfido Rosso

Thickness: 3 cm (30 mm)

Size: 60×60 cm

Eco-friendly stones for outdoor paving, boasting unparalleled reliability and resistant to wear.

In recent years, the design of public premises outdoor spaces has deeply changed.

For health and safety reasons, outdoor spaces have become very important in the scenario of business activities. Furthermore, pavings for public spaces are exposed to numerous stresses, such as foot traffic , bad weather, stains and dirt.

The design of these areas must balance safety, salubrity and aesthetics.. The true challenge is to combine comfort with the practicality of a resistant and easy-to-clean material.

One example is this work carried out in the city of Cassino, where the restyling actions have led to a combination of experience and lifestyle of the environments..

The choice of the outdoor paving collezione Porfido Rosso collection brings a pleasant industrial-chic look to any space, giving emphasis to the aesthetics

The eco-stones have a thickness of 3 cm, suited to a versatile and durable design

When designing outdoor spaces, resistance to chemical and physical stresses and, above all, slipperiness of the material are fundamental choices. Grestone® Urban Pavings eco-stones represent the eco-friendly slip-proof and striking solution for an outdoor restyling project.

A new generation of sustainable porcelain stoneware products for outdoor.

Meet Grestone® ® Urban Pavings, the stone effect porcelain stoneware ideal for outdoor paving of public areasand commercial premises.

Grestone® Urban Pavings is the environmentally sustainable solution made with up to 30% of regenerated inert materials, for a free and eclectic design project.

The advantages:

  • Highly resistant to temperature changes and frost
  • Draining and highly resistant to stains and dirt
  • Slip-resistant
  • Solid and long-lasting

Grestone® Urban Pavings products are the green choice for every outdoor living project.

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