Pavings for social gathering areas

Technical specifications:

Project: extraordinary maintenance of a public social centre

Place: Milan, on Via la Spezia (Lombardia)

Material used: Grestone® Urban Pavings

Collection: Pietra Lavica Grey

Thickness: 3 cm (30 mm) and 5 cm (50 mm)

Size: 60×60+20×20 cm

Outdoor pavings at the service of social interaction

Open spaces and gathering areas have always played a pivotal role in the life of cities. Offering suitable places to experience outdoor spaces means creating conditions of collective well-being and comfort.

A wise design of outdoor and urban areas must take into account:

  • the presence of steep and uneven ground
  • the size of the area and its use
  • the presence of vehicular or pedestrian traffic

The sustainable and cutting-edge urban paving is now available thanks to Grestone® Urban Pavings, the sustainable stones in porcelain stoneware, perfect for urban design projects at the service of conviviality and of all citizens.

The example is the work carried out in Milan on Via della Spezia, Grestone® Urban Pavings Pietra Lavica Grey Collectionrecreated the strength and beauty of natural stone, reducing the impact on environmental resources thanks to the use of regenerated inert materials

Urban pavings in stoneware with a thickness of 50 and 30 mm are an absolute Grestone® Urban Pavings exclusive.

Capable of responding to stresses, previously unimaginable for any porcelain stoneware surface,

they offer durability and great design aesthetics.

Extraordinarily solid porcelain stoneware surfaces for urban spaces subject to extreme stress

The advantages of Grestone® Urban Pavings:

  • Multi-purpose solution suitable for uneven and sloping grounds
  • Extraordinary strength
  • Resistant to winter cold, temperature changes and frost
  • Draining, durable and highly resistant to stains and dirt

The urban design project with eco-friendly pavings in porcelain stoneware gives emphasis to the gathering spaces and harmoniously integrates with green areas.

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