Outdoor pavings in sustainable porcelain stoneware for pedestrian walkaways

Technical specifications:

Project: Renovation of pedestrian walkaways

Place: Rome, on Viale America (Lazio)

Material used: Grestone® Urban Pavings

Collection: Pietra Lavica Grey

Thickness:  50 cm (50 mm)

Size: 20×20 + 10×10 cm

Stone effect porcelain stoneware for paving urban areas

Green urban requalification projects that encourage the use of city environments for the inhabitants.

Outdoor paving for urban areas (walkways, paths, pedestrian crossings, etc.) meets sustainability and functionality.

Grestone® Urban Pavings recreates the strength and aesthetics of natural stone, with the advantage of being environmentally friendly thanks to its 100% sustainable components.

By reducing the impact on primary resources, this material also protects the environment, working synergistically with the surroundings.

An example is the work carried out in the EUR district in Rome, on Viale America. This area is renowned for its small lakes, which preserve their natural and peculiar beauty thanks to Grestone® Urban Pavings Pietra Lavica Grey Collection.

The remarkable resistance of outdoor pavings in porcelain stoneware makes them ideal for intensely stressed urban spaces such as sidewalks and pedestrian walkways.

The stone-effect outdoor Grestone® Urban Pavings feature an unparalleled 50 mm thickness, which responds to stresses previously unattainable for any ceramic surface.

The advantages of Grestone® Urban Pavings products:

  • High resistance

  • No damages caused by temperature changes, frost and snow

  • Draining, stains and dirt resistant

  • Strength and durability

Interlocking outdoor paving with Smart Spacer System®, the innovative, fast and environmentally friendly method

With Smart Spacer System® the laying of each paving element takes place without the use of chemical adhesives: the installation is quick and easy, thanks to the interlocking system that ensures a workmanlike final result.

Come and see all the potential of Grestone® Urban Pavings and the integrated spacer system.