Sanpietrini for drivable paving and pedestrian crossing

Technical specifications:

Project: Realisation of pedestrian crossings

Place: Rome, on Via dei Feltreschi (Lazio)

Material used: Grestone® Urban Pavings

Collection: Lapis Nero and Lapis Bianco

Thickness: 6.5 cm (65 mm)

Size: 10×10 cm

Eco-stones for paving driveways and pedestrian crossings durable over time

Cement and natural stones commonly used for urban paving have a strong environmental impact.

This is due to the emission of CO2 caused by their production and later transportation to the construction site. In addition, these materials:

  • tend to wear out over time
  • have long installation time
  • as far as natural stone is concerned, they cause the exhaustion of the earth’s resources

Grestone® Urban Pavings cobblestones for outdoor in porcelain stoneware are able to overcome such issues: they include up to 30% of regenerated inert materials and are able to withstand stresses that were previously unthinkable for porcelain stoneware.

For instance, the construction site in the city of Rome on Via dei Feltreschi, where Grestone® Urban Pavings eco-sustainable paving turned out to be fundamental for the realisation of driveways, subject to significant and prolonged vehicular stress, and permanent pedestrian and bicycle crossings with unchanging chromatic intensity, without the need for further maintenance.

From this point of view, the road signs do not deteriorate and endure over time with Signage Color System ®: the double-loading technique, in fact, allows an extraordinary durability.

Thanks to the innovative Signage Color System®, colored paved areas are not subjected to temperature changes, de-icing salt and chemical agents used during the periodic cleaning.

Lapis Nero and Lapis Bianco Collection combines style, environmental sustainability and high technical performance, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Eco-stones in porcelain stoneware , the green alternative to cement and stone paving

Grestone® Urban Pavings is the porcelain stoneware with high technical performance, also thanks to the innovative thickness of 65 mm.

The advantages:

  • Resistant to city traffic and heavy loads
  • Unparalleled durability
  • Highly resistant to temperature changes and frost
  • Everlasting colours

Excellent performance in terms of resistance to stresses typical of cities.

Grestone® Urban Pavings cobblestones are the sustainable construction choice for every urban design project.

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